It’s a Love-Hate Kinda Thing

Like many, I have put on extra pounds over the holidays. From the first touch of frost on the vine, my taste buds start to excite themselves. That frost signals the beginning of my utmost favorite time of the year. All my best dishes will find their way out of the cook books and pantries.

I also know that this will be a time of war – a time of fighting the elevated urges to over eat. It’s not like you can step away or stay away from food. We need it to live, unlike a something like a cigarette for example. If you need to stop smoking, you simply stay away from it while you battle the addiction – can’t do that with food. Another issue for many of us; we love to cook and we have to find the balance of that love with the addiction of overeating. Rather like being in love with a shark and trying to give it a hug three times a day.

To compound it all, I did not exercise at all over the holiday break. This translated to three weeks of not really any exercise. I’ll be honest here and tell you that before the holiday break, I was 246 pounds (I’m 5’8″ by the way) and today I’m 255.5 pounds. I know that once I go over the 250 mark my body starts to speak up. My hands feel puffy and I don’t walk, I almost waddle in a near swaying motion. All sorts of general feelings of “un-well” begin to tell me that enough is enough and it “must” change!

Today I have one of my regular workouts with a trainer here at my office gym. I will be honest with Paul about the past three weeks. One – he’ll know if I lie and two – I’ll know if I lie. As painful as this workout might be today (as it will feel like I’m starting from scratch) I will do it and be thinking the entire time how much easier this would have been if I had kept up even the smallest bit of training while on vacation. All this because I know that my eating issues are with me forever. It will not be overcome and tossed away, it will be wrestled down and kept down by my own vigilance. I’m not sure how it all started, but I can affect how it all ends – and I’m determined it will not end with a heart attack, stroke or complications of my type 2 diabetes.

Ya, my doctor kept telling me that it was around the corner if I did not lose weight. I thought I could wait a bit longer before tackling this eating thing head on, but I was wrong and now there it is. I take about 20 pills a day – these pills combat my hereditary high cholesterol, slightly elevated blood pressure, and diabetes. Let’s not forget that stint they popped in some 8 months ago – so of course there are pills to keep the pipes clear too!

When I started this blog, I knew that I would be talking about this issue and others that come with the love of cooking. Not everyone who reads this will have an eating issue, but since it is a part of me it will come out in my writing.

Okay – Let’s end this bit here. I’m going to meet with Paul and get through our workout. The only thing I’m sure of is that I will feel better afterward, I always do. The workout de-stresses me as well and it makes me feel good mentally and physically. Makes you wonder why we don’t do it all the time then, but that’s another article as they say.


About Larry Smoot

I am a writer and foodie who recently moved to Montreal.
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