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Time to Tea Up

Hold in your mind as you sip your next cup of tea, that this often simple liquid’s journey began thousands of years ago. It humbly, aromatically, warmly sits in your cup infusing you with its sometimes mystical properties. Legend says … Continue reading

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Hey Mac, Your Cheese is Showing

Cheese is one of the oldest made foods dating back to the prehistoric beginnings of herding. According to “The Penguin Companion to Food”, by Alan Davidson – the earliest records of milking come from some cave paintings in the Libyan … Continue reading

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Brave the Brussels Sprout

Brussels sprouts have been growing in North American gardens since the early 1800’s. It is known that Thomas Jefferson had them in his garden in 1812. It is said they hail from classical times and they have been mentioned in … Continue reading

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It’s In The Can

Recently we visited “Au Pied de Cochon” here in Montreal. My partner and I have been enjoying the cooking show “The Wild Chef”. The show and aforementioned restaurant is hosted and owned in that order by master chef Martin Picard … Continue reading

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