Whole Foods, Plant Based Eating

Healthy Whole FoodUndoubtedly one of the easiest whole foods might just be the apple.  Easy to carry with you and easy to eat.  It satisfies hunger and thirst — amazing food indeed.

I’m doing my best to transition to a whole foods, plant based diet.  When I am able to maintain it I feel amazing.  My energy level is up and my joints don’t hurt as much.  I have some bursitis in my hip and some sort of inflammation in my shoulder.  Both feel much better when eating this way.  I just have one problem — my addiction to unhealthy food.

Another hurdle is that at the moment, all the menus in my head are for all the things we should not be eating.  It is more difficult to manage a menu when it’s all new to you and you have to really think about the food you are going to make.  The pantry is also often void of the food you need to cook this way.  Once you get used to it, then it becomes as easy as it was before, but I must admit the transition is a tough one for me.

Things are a bit crazy at the moment, but I will try and journal my experience here of the battle that will be changing our diet.  We all want to live a longer, healthier life so why is it so hard to do what needs to be done?  Who knows?  We all have so many variables in our lives that make it hard or easy, we are all very different people when it comes to change.

So, stay tuned and let’s see what happens!


About Larry Smoot

I am a writer and foodie who recently moved to Montreal.
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4 Responses to Whole Foods, Plant Based Eating

  1. Susie says:

    You can do it, Larry! Keep your eye on the goal. xoxo

  2. You will do it. Or your big sis will never let you forget it. One day at a time. Love ya

  3. Hey there Larry! I just stumbled upon your blog and was intrigued by this post. My husband and I transitioned to a plant-based diet two years ago for my husband’s health. It was not an easy transition at first, but we kept trying and eventually it stuck. Now we love it and think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. You really do have to learn new recipes and a new way of cooking before it becomes easy. This takes time, but I have no doubt that you can do it. I think it’s SO worth it in so many ways. I wish you the best of luck! Celeste 🙂

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